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HENNIG: Violet Bunny with Egg

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Manufacturer: Hennig Miniaturen

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Height:3.94 in (10 cm)

  • Often there is still snow, when the Easter season begins in the Ore Mountains. Traditionally, the funny rabbits express the joy of the longer days. They do everything we humans do. They paint, love and go about their business.
  • The Hennig Company, located in Deutschneudorf, was founded more than 85 years ago and for more than 50 years has manufactured folk art items.
  • As early as 1952, the then 22-year-old son-in-law Günter Hennig introduced the range of Erzgebirge folk art items and specialized in figurative miniatures. His immense interest in his homeland, in local history and in artistic creation and through his dedication and commitment the museum in Deutschneudorf was brought into being and is now furnished with rare evidence of the past.
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