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KUHNERT Smoker: Snowman with Birdhouse and Bird

28,80 EUR
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Manufacturer: Drechslerei Kuhnert

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Height: 5.12 inch (13 cm)

  • Drechslerei Kuhnert Woodturning Workshop has been crafting Erzgebirge Folkart for almost 35 years. Their headquarters, located in Rothenkirchen (Steinberg), are growing by the year along with their product range.
  • In their soft flat white wood color adorned with winter accessories, these cute little Smokers make perfect presents for any occasion.
  • Please click yourself through our shop to discover the broad variety of our products and rich selection of the Erzgebirge Folk Art we offer. Kuhnert especially offers a broad variety of Professions and Snowmen.
  • You can find the right size incense cones, (regular size: 0.98in or 2.5cm) in our shop, Equipment.



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