NEW 2021! CHRISTIAN ULBRICHT Limited Edition Nutcracker: Sami Santa


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Height: 17.9 in (45.5 cm)     Limited Edition: 2021     2500 ever made!

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  • Every Year a new design of the Premium Limited Edition Series is added, and that design is limited to a set number ever made.

  • The Nutcrackers of the Premium series by The Christian Ulbricht manufacturer captivate with perfect craftsmanship and use of only the best materials.

  • Even the smallest parts are made with hand selected woods and high quality fabrics.

  • Its precious design will bestow a festive Christmas atmosphere to your home.

  • Please click yourself through our shop to discover the broad variety of our products, and a possibly rich selection of the Erzgebirge Folk Art we offer.

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Weight 1.625 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 45.5 × 23 cm