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What makes an old picture, an artistic piece of furniture or a wooden sculpture so valuable that enthusiasts spend a lot of money on it? The answer is simple: it is their distinctiveness and individuality. No shade, no contour and no line resembles the other. Computers and machines cannot create this uniqueness, but artisans with their gifted hands can. In a world of rapid change and arbitrariness, they accomplish works that go far beyond the day. Creating precisely this wood art with value has been the claim of Christian Ulbricht GmbH & Co. KG for over 90 years. With a lot of passion and attention to detail, Christian Ulbricht produces traditional wooden art that brings joy to adults and children all over the world. And in every handmade individual piece there is a touch of Christmas, just as it was then. Every year, numerous new products are added to the product range and are an incentive for the constantly growing crowd of fans and collectors.

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