List of our Manufacturers

Christian Ulbricht

What makes an old picture, an artistic piece of furniture or a wooden sculpture so valuable that enthusiasts spend a lot of money on it? The answer is simple: it is their distinctiveness and individuality. No shade, no contour and no line resembles the other. Computers and machines cannot create this uniqueness, but artisans with their gifted hands …Continue

Wendt & Kühn

At Wendt & Kühn in Grünhainichen, unique figurines tell a fascinating story that began in 1915. At that time, the two graduates of the Royal Saxon School of Applied Arts, Grete Wendt (1887-1979) and Margarete Kühn, founded a company that would be world-famous 100 years later. To this day, the Wendt & Kühn manufactory is at home in Grünhainichen and carries out the life’s work of Grete Wendt and her companion Olly Wendt, née Sommer (1896-1991), away. …Continue

Herrnhuter Sterne

The Moravian Star, created more than 160 years ago in the bosom of the Moravian Church, is considered to be the origin of all Christmas Stars. At the beginning of the 19th century, the first star made of paper and cardboard illuminated the boarding school rooms of the Moravian Church. Created by an educator in mathematics class, it served to convey a better understanding  …Continue

Romy Thiel

Great in small things – The folk art workshop Romy Thiel stands for miniatures in natural colors from the Ore Mountains. With great attention to detail, enchanting collectible figures are made from local wood in elaborate manual work. The popular winter children increase the anticipation of the festival, but a wide range of year-round figures on the theme of forest and nature always inspires collectors.…Continue

Seiffener Volkskunst  – Seiffen Folkart

Seiffener Volkkunst {Seiffen Folkart) was founded in 1958. Since that time we have been occupied with the production of traditional wooden art products from the Ore Mountains. The figurative representation and production is particularly pronounced in our workshop. Accordingly, our core range includes traditional nutcrackers, Incense Burners, Light Angels and Miners, modern pyramids, revolving trees and numerous miniature representations. …Continue

Drechslerei Kuhnert –  Turnery Kuhnert

Along with fretsaws and carving, wood  turning is the most important form of traditional woodworking in Ore Mountain folk art. We are committed to this tradition and continue it with today’s means. …Continue

Müller Kleinkunst – Müller Fine Arts

The warmth that wood radiates and what we handcraft from this material gives our lives a deeper meaning and drives us on anew every day.

We have made it to our mission to share this fascination with others. …Continue

Schalling Holzkunst Seiffen – Schalling Woodart Seiffen

Ever since the company was founded in 1904 by Emil Schalling, creative work has been and continues to be done with wood as a material. His great-grandson Matthias Schalling now runs the company.

Wooden toys and doll house furniture were made in the first decades. Later, arts and crafts items, such as angel chapels and Christmas pyramids, shaped the merchandise range. … Continue

Tietze Erzgebirgsdesign

Wood and light in High-quality – That’s what the Tietze family company stands for.

Lanterns, tree decorations, window pictures are produced; but above all the traditional candle arches. Here the Tietze company specialized in indirectly illuminated candle arches. The three- and multi-layer candle arches invented in 1994 have had a significant influence  …Continue

Pyramiden Lorenz – Pyramids Lorenz

The company was founded in 1953 by master wood turner Heinz Lorenz. With the help of his wife he first produced small trainsets and later he specialized in table and wall pyramids. The pyramids are characterized by their special shape, a Gothic arch and stand out from other manufacturers.…Continue

Holzkunst Theo Lorenz – Woodart Theo Lorenz

The unmistakable Erzgebirge folk art is an expression of the love for the profession that has been passed on from generation to generation. Many small workshops with their ideas form the basis for the variety of products of Seiffen craftsmanship. Small quantities are manufactured here in the highest quality, with manual work being a matter of course for the craft. …Continue


We are an Erzgebirge family business that has been making traditional Christmas decorations for several generations. We are particularly well-known for our Pleated Skirt Angels® with their unique robes, which have enchanted countless lovers and collectors all over the world …Continue

KNOX – Apotheker Hermann Zwetz Räuchermittelherstellung GmbH

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Zeidler Holzkunst GmbH – Zeidler Woodart

The Zeidler Holzkunst GmbH range includes a large number of lovingly handcrafted wooden art products. …Continue

Legler Holz- und Drechselwaren – Legler Wood and Woodturning Products

Legler produces nutcrackers, incense smokers, pyramids, horsemen and Easter items that are valued by collectors and enthusiasts for their quality craftsmanship and unmistakable originality. …Continue

DWU Drechselwerkstatt Uhlig GmbH – Woodturning Shop Uhlig

The company DWU, woodturning shop Uhlig, produces high-quality incense smokers and incense smokers directly in their workshop in the Ore Mountains. …Continue

Erzgebirgische Volkskunst Knuth Neuber – Erzgebirge Folkart Knuth Neuber

Now in its sixth generation, the company Knuth Neuber devotes itself with passion to the most beautiful material in nature – making it one of the oldest manufactories of its kind.

Consistency and quality are probably the most important ingredients for this long-term success. But the variety of ideas and innovation are not neglected either! The company Knuth Neuber keeps surprising arts and crafts lovers all over the world with new wood art creations from their workshop. …Continue

Erzgebirgische Volkskunst Zenker – Erzgebirge Folkart Zenker

Most of the snowmen that leave the manufacture of the company Zenker consist of a body ball to which a head and two leg balls are attached. The arms, composed of turned parts, enable not only better mobility but also a multitude of new uses. …Continue

Hubrig Volkskunst – Hubrig Folkart

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