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KUHNERT Mini Owl: Owl with Book

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Manufacturer: Drechslerei Kuhnert

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Height: 2.76 inch (7 cm)

  • Owls are seen as symbols of wisdom and protection in many cultures. For several years, the birds with their big eyes have become real cult objects. The little fellows made of wood have long since crept into the hearts of collectors. Available in more than 35 motifs, the mini owls are the perfect gift for young and old.

  • Kuhnert Woodturning Workshop has been crafting Erzgebirge Folkart for almost 35 years. Their headquarters, located in Rothenkirchen (Steinberg), are growing by the year along with their product range.

  • In their natural wood tone or subtle colors these cute Owl Smokers from the turning workshop Kuhnert make perfect presents for any occasion.

  • Please click yourself through our shop to discover the broad variety of our products and rich selection of the Erzgebirge Folk Art we offer. Kuhnert especially offers a broad variety of Owls, Professions and Snowmen. Not to mention their cute wooden Christmas Tree ornaments.


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