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KUHNERT: Stupsi Bunny with Telephone – Colored

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Manufacturer: Drechslerei Kuhnert

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Height: 4.33 in (11 cm)

Released: 2021

  • Stupsi, the smart little bunnies, will storm and conquer your home and Easter garden. They are so lively and full of ideas that they can no longer be kept in their beautifully printed tins. Hopefully they won’t nibble on anything in your home with their cheeky little teeth!
  • The Stupsi from Kuhnert are celebrating their 10th birthday! In order to celebrate this highlight appropriately, in addition to the 3 new characters being released in 2021 Kuhnert designed 3 new Stupsis as the 2021 Special Edition featuring the very current topic of home office and homeschooling.
  • The adorable Stupsi Bunnies are made by the Turning Workshop Kuhnert in Rothenkirchen in the Erzgebirge, Ore Mountains.
  • Made with great attention to detail, Stupsi Easter Bunnies are a decorative addition to any cozy home and bring Spring into your house.



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