Schalling Holzkunst Seiffen

Ever since the company was founded in 1904 by Emil Schalling, creative work has been and continues to be done with wood as a material. His great-grandson Matthias Schalling now runs the company.

Wooden toys and doll house furniture were made in the first decades. Later, arts and crafts items, such as angel chapels and Christmas pyramids, shaped the merchandise range. Today, lovingly designed and painted figures and pyramids are created in the skilled hands of around 15 employees.

The manual production in small series guarantees the customer products with an individual character and a high level of quality.

The Schalling company’s hallmark are the typical figures from the Ore Mountains, the light miner and the light angel. Light was indispensable for the miner underground. The miners’ longing for light was particularly great during the Christmas season. The light bearers Bergmann & Engel became symbolic figures of Christmas in the Ore Mountains.

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